Integrating with the Business Portal

There are a number of ways to integrate the Studioware Business Portal into your web site.  This article will briefly describe each technique.  Please see the related articles for more details.

Using the Business Portal as Your Website

The Studioware Business Portal is actually a full web site that you get for free with your subscription.  You can add additional pages, content, menu items, images, scripts, styles, documents (PDF) and HTML into your Business Portal.  There are certain pages you can configure to automatically appear on your web site such as the class list, staff profiles, spotlight students, and more.  There are hundreds of different styles to choose from, and many page templates to choose from when creating new content.

Putting a Link on your Website

You could create a link on your existing web site, to a page within the Business Portal.  For example, you could create a link called "Browse Class" on your web site that opens to the list of class available for online enrollment.  Other examples include creating links from your existing web site to the staff profiles page in the Business Portal, the online student registration page, or the individual class pages.

Using the Business Portal in an iFrame

You can embed the entire Business Portal in a frame within your existing web site.  This will make it look like the Business Portal is part of your existing website.

Using the Studioware API

Studioware provides an Application Programming Interface (API).  This will allow you to include the list of classes that you offer directly on your web site, without the use of the Business Portal.  This allows your customers to browse you class offerings without leaving your web site.

Google Calendar

Studioware classes can be displayed on a Google Calendar.  In fact, any calendar that supports the iCal format can display Studioware classes.  The calendar will display the class name, class description, start and stop dates, instructors, and a link back to the Business Portal so students can enroll.

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