Signing Up With Studioware

Studioware has a 30-Day Free Trial.   You can use all of the features of Studioware during this trial period, however, you will need to subscribe to our service after the free 30-Day Trial Period to continue to use Studioware.
On the "Executive Dashboard" you will see the number of days remaining in your Free Trial:
Simply, click on the "My Account" button to view the subscription packages available from Studioware.
Tip: If your 30-Day Free Trial has expired, you will automatically be directed to the subscribe page.
The Price of Studioware is based on the number of Students at your business.  There are 4 tiers/levels available:
  1. Small: Allows for 0 to 150 Students
  2. Medium:  Allows for 151 to 350 Students
  3. Large: Allows for 351 to 2000 Students
  4. Unlimited: Allows for Unlimited Students
Tip:  The Pricing for each of the Subscription Packages is available on our web site by clicking on Pricing
After clicking on "My Account", you will see a summary of the number of students you created during the 30-Day Free Trial, and the list of Studioware Subscription packages.  Select the package the best meets your needs, keeping in mind future growth:
Click on the "Choose Plan" button next to the subscription package that best meets your needs
Tip: You can upgrade or downgrade the package you select and any time in the future.
Most Studioware Subscription Plans have optional add-ons that include additional functionality.  There are also opportunities to purchase training time at a discounted price.
Tip: Some of the Add-Ons are a monthly charge, and other Add-Ons are a one-time charge.  Please make sure you read the Add-On carefully to understand the cost of the item.
Enter in your Credit Card information.  The Credit Card check-out appears as follows:
The summary of the selected Subscription Plan and any optional add-ons are displayed at the bottom of the check out page:
Click on the "Subscribe to Studioware" button and your Credit Card transaction will be processed.
Tip: Upon successful completion of your Credit Card transactions (which is usually instant), you will have full access to Studioware.
Important Note: The Cost of the Studioware Subscription is a monthly charge.  Your Credit Card will be charged monthly on your sign-up anniversary day.
If you have any questions about your Studioware Subscription, or charges, please contact us at:

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