How do I add a Class?

Studioware allows you to create classes.  After a class is created, you must schedule the class.  Students can then enroll in the scheduled classes.
Creating and scheduling a class is very simple in Studioware and is a 3 step process:
  1. Create the Class
  2. Set the class Tuition
  3. Schedule the class
A single class can be scheduled more than one time.  For example. you could create an "Introductory" class, and schedule that class on Saturday mornings with one instructor, and Tuesday evenings with a different instructor.

Create The Class:

To add a class in Studioware, click on "Classes" in the main menu, followed by "Add a Class" in the sub-menu,
The first step is to enter in the class internal id, the class name, and the class type: Group class or Private class. Class internal id is an optional field, and you can enter any value you require.  Typically, this value would be 3 to 5 letters and/or numbers used to uniquely identify a class, for example, "A105".
The class internal id appears in the Business Portal class listing, and it makes it easy to communicate to a student that he/she should enroll in class "A105".
Next, you can enter in a partial/brief description of the class, and a full description [More Information]  If you elect to allow the class to appear on the Business Portal for online enrollment [More Information], the partial class description will be displayed.  If a student clicks on the class in the business portal, the full description will be displayed.
Optionally, you can enter in the Student Minimum Age, Student Maximum Age, if the class allows for discounts, if the class is to appear on online enrollment in the business portal, and any pre-requisite classes.
Click on the "Save" button to save the class, and the class will appear in the list of classes:
The action buttons to the right of each class allow you to manipulate the classes:
  • The Edit button allows you to change the class name, descriptions, internal id, the student age constraints, discounts, online enrollment, and pre-requisite classes.
  • The schedule button allows you to schedule a class, re-schedule a class, add financial transactions, send a class email, and more.
  • The tuition button allows you to specify the tuition for the class.  Studioware allows you to create a default tuition amount, or multiple tuition items for a class, and it will match the student tags to the tuition items
  • The enroll buttons allows you to select a schedule class, and enroll students in the class.

Set the Class Tuition

Now that the class has been  created, you should set the tuition for the class.  To set the tuition for any class, click on the "Tuition" action button to create the class tuition.  Please see the article How do I define class tuition? for details on class tuition settings.

Schedule the Class

You have the class created and the tuition has been set.  Now you must schedule the class.
Studnets are enrolled in Scheduled Classes
Please see the article How do I Schedule a Class? for more information.


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