Invoice Late Fee

You can easily filter your list of invoices, and add a late fee to any outstanding invoice.  The late fee can be a fixed amount (such as $15.00), or or it can be a percentage of the outstanding balance.  To add a late fee to your invoices, follow these instructions:
  1. Click on Invoices in the main menu
  2. Typically, you will filter your list of invoices to show invoices that are overdue.  Click on the View menu and select "Show invoices that are overdue"
  3. Next, it's most convenient if you display all your invoices that are overdue.   Click on "All Invoices" in the number of invoices per page (bottom right corner):
  4. Next, click on the "Due Date" column.  This will sort all the overdue invoices by their due date.  The small red number next to the due date is the number of days overdue.
  5. Select one or more invoices to receive the Late Fee
    You can easily select all overdue invoice by clicking on the check box in the header.
  6. Click on the Late Fee button in the toolbar.
  7. Select the type of fee to be added to the the selected invoices:
    1. Fixed Fee:  This is a fixed/static amount to be added to the invoices, such as a $10 late fee
    2. Invoice Percent:  Enter in the late fee percent.  For example, enter in 1.5 to add a 1.5% late fee to the selected invoices.  Studioware calculates the late fee amount based on the outstanding amount on the invoice.
  8. Enter in the Fixed Amount, or Invoice Percent.
  9. Enter in a transaction note.  This is the note/description that will be displayed on the late fee transaction.
  10. Click on the "Add Late Fee" button
  11. Click on "Ok" on the confirmation window
  12. Studioware creates late fee batch transaction for the selected invoices.  That is, the late fee transaction make take up to 10 minutes to be processed and added to the invoices:

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