Automation - Calculate Variable Tuition

Studioware can automatically calculate you variable class tuition once a month.  Follow these steps to configure the Variable Tuition Automation:
  1. Click on Administration | Automation
  2. Click on then "Calculate Variable Tuition" tab
  3. Click on "Yes, calculate the variable tuition" checkbox to enable
  4. The following parameters can be specified:
    • Calculation Date:  This is the day of the month when the calculation will be performs.  For example, select 1 if you want the variable class tuition calculated on the first day of each month, enter 15 if you want the calculation performed on the 15th of the month.
    • Calculation Month: Indicate if you want the calculation performed for the previous month, the current month, of the next month.  For example, you could select 25 and "Next Month" to have the variable tuition calculate occur on the 25th of each month for students enrolled in classes in the next month
    • Run Time: The time of day the calculate will be performed
    • Status Email:  Indicate if you would like a status email sent to a staff member once the calculation is complete.
    • Priority:  The priority of this task in relation to other tasks that run on the same date and time
Tip: Click on the History button to show the execution status of this automation task.

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