Automation - Create Invoices

Studioware automation can create all your student invoices for you once a month.  To get started with Create Invoices Automation, follow these steps:
  1. Click on Administration | Automation
  2. Click on the "Create Invoices" tab
  3. Check "Yes, create the student invoices"
  4. The remaining create invoices parameters are as follows:
    • Calculation Date: The day of the month the create invoices automation will execute
    • Due Date:The day of the month the invoices will be scheduled to be due.
    • Calculation Month: Indicate if you would like to create the invoices for the previous month, current month, or next month
    • Email Invoices: Indicate if you want the newly created invoices emailed to students and families
    • Run Time:  The time on the Calculation Date when you want the invoices created.
    • Status Email: Indicate if you would like a status email send to the selected staff member
    • Priority: The priority of this automation task relative to all other automation tasks that run on the same date/time.

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