Automation - Financial Transactions

Studioware can automatically add financial transactions to student and staff accounts.  Follow these steps to add an automatic financial transaction:
  1. Click on Administration | Automation
  2. Click on the "Financial Transactions" tab
  3. Click on Add Transaction (or Edit) 
  4. There are 3 sets of parameters that need to be specified to schedule a transaction:
    1. Transaction Type  Please select the type of transaction to schedule (student or staff), the specific transaction, the transaction amount, if taxes should be applied, and the transaction note.  There are multiple options for the transaction amount:
      • Fixed Amount: This is a fixed/static amount such as $10
      • Invoice Percent: Studioware can calculate a percentage of the outstanding invoice balances
      • Balance Percentage:  Studioware can calculate the transaction amount based on the financial accounts current, month-to-date, or total balances
    2. Transaction For:  Indicate the populate of students (or staff) that will receive the financial transaction.  The transaction can be applied to all students, students with a specific status, enrolled or students not enrolled in classes, students enrolled in a specific number of classes, students with a tag, or various financial filters
    3. Schedule: Indicate how often you would like the financial transactions evaluated and posted to the accounts.  For example, you could create a Student Registration transaction that applies to all students, that will be invoked once a year on January 1st.
  5. Click on the Save button to schedule the financial transaction.

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