How do I add a financial transaction to multiple students?

Studioware allows you to add a Financial Transaction (such as a Late Fee) to multiple students.  To add a financial transaction to multiple students, follow these instructions.   This example will add a $5 Late Fee financial transaction to all students that has a positive balance, and have not made a payment on the account in the last 30 days or more.
  1. Click on Students in the Main Menu
  2. Click on Filters and then Financial Filter: 
  3. Select "Sgow all students with a positive balance and no payment in the last 30 days" from the Financial Filters pop-up window, and click on the "Filter Students" button: 
  4. The list of students matching the filter criteria is displayed.  If you want to display all students that meet the filter criteria. click on the "pages" button, and select "All Students": 
  5. Select one or more students from the filtered list that will receive the late me.  You can selected individual students, or all students.
  6. Select Actions | Transactions to add a new financial transaction to all the selected students:  
  7. Select the transaction to be added, the amount (or percentage), and the transaction note.  For example, here is a $5.00 Late Fee transaction to be added to the selected students: 
  8. Click on the "Save Transaction" button.  The transaction batch will be created, and processed within  20 minutes: 
  9. Click on the "Close" button, or click on the "View Transaction Batch" to monitor the transactions:
Please note: You can follow the same process to send emails to selected students.  Simply select Actions | Email (instead of Actions | Transactions) to send an email to the selected students.

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