Reference Id

Studioware allows you to add a generic reference id to a student or staff.  This reference id can be an internal student id or staff id.  Studioware allows you to edit a student/staff and set the reference id, import reference ids for students, search by reference id, and include the student reference id on invoices.

Setting the Reference Id

To manually set the reference number for a student or staff, follow these instructions:
  1. Open the student or staff record where the Reference Id needs to be updated
  2. Click on the Information toolbar button
  3. The current reference id appears in the Miscellaneous Information section 
  4. Click on the Edit button in the Miscellaneous Information section to add, edit, or delete the Reference Id
The Reference Id allows for a maximum of 20 alpha-numeric characters.

Importing Student Reference Id

You can set the student reference id at the time of import.  When you are mapping your your student import columns, simply select Reference Id for the specific field.  The student import mapping appears as follows:

Configuring Invoices to Display Reference Ids

Invoices can be configured to display the student reference id.  Simply add a global setting called "Show Reference Id on Invoices", and set the value to "true".  This will display the student's reference number on the invoices.

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